Middle Harbour

Bay or cove

An arm of Port Jackson, extending north-west from the Heads with its headwaters in Garigal National Park.

Spit Bridge opening 2004
Grotto Point and Washaway Beach 2005
Seaforth and Bantry Bay 2004
The Spit to Sydney Airport 2007
Henri L'Estrange, tightrope walker, crossing Middle Harbour April 1877
The Spit Bridge, April 2006
The first Spit Bridge, Middle Harbour c1925
Showboat Kalang going through the old Spit Bridge c1940s
Looking south to the Spit and Mosman from Seaforth Heights  c1960
The Spit, Middle Harbour c1890
The Spit Bridge 25 November 1932
The Spit c1915
Reclamation work for the Spit Bridge being carried out at Pearl Bay 27 September 1935
The Spit Bridge under construction 4 September 1924
Spit Bridge construction 1924
The Spit c1915
Hungry Bay, Middle Harbour 1886
Folly Point, Middle Harbour 1886
Sailor Bay, Middle Harbour
At Long Bay, Middle Harbour 1886
In Middle Harbour 1886