Australian Museum

Scientific organisation

Australia's oldest natural history museum, founded in 1827.

Colonial Museum

Australian Museum

by Laila Ellmoos, 2008 Creative Commons License

The Australian Museum building in College Street was begun in the 1840s and has been extended in stages to house the museum's growing and changing collection and staff.
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Eastern Sydney CBD 2007
Hyde Park, Sydney c1900
Hyde Park, St Mary's Cathedral and Belfry, c1842
Children looking at bones, Australian Museum, March 1950
History and description of the skeleton of a new sperm whale, lately set up in the Autralian Museum 1855
View in College Street of the '98 Commemoration 22 May 1898
The Modern St Patrick: or, Parkes's 'Man-Goose' at the Museum, 22 February 1868
Rose Docker, Archivist, on the history of the Australian Museum 2009