Dictionary of Sydney

The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.


A convict ship of 395 tons that brought convicts and passengers from Ireland in 1809. In November 1809 she sailed from Sydney Cove with goods and passengers on her way back to England via the Cape of Good Hope. She stopped to pick up timber at Whangaroa, New Zealand, where the ship's crew and most of the passengers were massacred after Te Ara, a Māori chief, was flogged onboard.  Of the approximately 70 people on board, four survived, Ann Morley and three children, who were later rescued by Alexander Berry. The ship was looted and burned after gunpowder on board ignited. European whalers responded with revenge attacks on the Māori in March 1810, leading to further conflict.

Arrived Sydney
14 Aug 1809
Departed Sydney
08 Nov 1809
Dec 1810
10 Mar 1809 - 14 Aug 1809