The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

2SER Radiothon

  We love being part of the 2SER community and telling stories of Sydney's history to breakfast listeners each week. While the annual 2SER subscription and fundraising drive is happening, the Dictionary of Sydney segment with Alex on 2SER Breakfast will be on hold. We've been appearing on 2SER Breakfast for more than seven years so in the meantime there are lots of stories to explore from past shows right here on the Dictionary blog. Head to the 2SER website HERE to donate or subscribe during the Radiothon so that they can continue the work we have been doing for 40 years to help keep local music, arts, news and information alive. Listen to Alex discuss this year's theme 'Helping Sydney Thrive', with radio legends like City of Sydney Historian Dr Lisa Murray and journalist Monica Attard here. We'll be back in early November, so stay tuned!     All of our presenters over the last seven years have appeared on 2SER on behalf of the Dictionary of Sydney in a voluntary capacity. Thank you all for your amazing work on the airwaves!   Tune in to 2SER Breakfast with Alex on 107.3 every Wednesday morning at 8:15-8:20 am to hear more from the Dictionary of Sydney.     
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