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Finding your way through the Dictionary, part 2


So you've read entries, and you've followed some links between entities. What else does the Dictionary have to offer? How about images?

Images are connected into entries where they illustrate the stories our authors tell about Sydney's history. In situ, they appear to the left of the text at thumbnail size, and larger when you roll over them.

Sydney's whaling fleet in the Dictionary of Sydney
Roll over images to see Dictionary captions

Rolling over an image means you can see the caption we've written, specifically for this placement in this article. The picture might be used again somewhere else for a different purpose.

But did you know you can see a bigger version of the image, along with all the collection details, if you click on it?

Whaling image larger
Full image records show all the details

This view shows you everything we have about this image, including where it is, along with any reference numbers.

In the right column, are links to the entries it has been used in, each with an independent caption.

The link to the collection below the picture is clickable too, and will show you all the material provided to the Dictionary by this institution or collection.
SLNSW contrib record
Images from the State Library of NSW -- page 1 of many


Some institutions, such as the State Library of NSW, have amazing riches in their image collections, which they've been generous enough to share with the Dictionary. And our research into Sydney's people has fed back into their catalogues too, as we are happy to help if we find information that we can add to their dating or provenance.

It's also possible to browse the Dictionary's multimedia, using the browse Multimedia link on the front page. This brings up a list of all the 2,400 images and multimedia in the Dictionary. Use Ctrl-F to search for particular words in titles.  (Actually, Ctrl-F, which brings up a Find window to search for words anywhere on the current page, is just about the most useful shortcut for internet searching that there is. On any page.)

The list of images and multimedia gets longer with every rebuild, and we are currently working on a subject index to it, so stay posted!

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