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Exterior, Szarka Bros' Enmore Theatre 1930 Media
Exterior, Szarka Bros' Enmore Theatre 1930 Media
Advertisement for Insulite Ceilings, as used exclusively in the Enmore Theatre 1937 Media
Theatre interior remodelled at Enmore, NSW 1937 Media
Opening of Enmore Theatre 1911 Media
Ray Brown and the Whispers performing at a union picnic c1965 Media
Kings Cross 1940s Media
Kings Cross Theatre, intersection of Victoria Street and Darlinghurst Road 1920s Media
Kings Cross Theatre, Kings Cross 1939 Media
Kings Cross Theatre, Kings Cross 1939 Media
Roosevelt nightclub, Kings Cross September 1944 Media
Incidents of the smallpox scare in Sydney June 1881 Media
Sydney Dispensary, for the relief of indigent persons, at the Sydney Infirmary, Macquarie Street c1830 Media
Demolition of buildings in Moore Street after fire, 7 October 1890 Media
Demolition of buildings after fire in the city 2 October 1890 Media
Destruction of the City Bank building at 106 Pitt St after the great fire, 2 October 1890 Media
Birchgrove Postcard 9: the headframe and engine winding house of Balmain Colliery c1907 Media
Miles Franklin's waratah cup and saucer c1923 Media
Wambrook, Grey St, Carlton NSW c1950 Media
Miles Franklin's final entry in her diary, 14 September 1954 Media
Page from Miles Franklin's Waratah Book with signatures of artists Pixie O'Harris and Marie McNiven 1950-1951 Media
Susannah Franklin c1930 Media
Miles Franklin c1895 Media
Miles Franklin, Carlton c1950 Media
Cover of the first edition of 'My Brilliant Career' by Miles Franklin 1901 Media
SOS sign to be placed in window if needing assistance during the influenza pandemic in 1918-1919 Media
Annie Wyatt 1941 Media
Katoomba St & Clouds, Katoomba c1908-15 Media
Annie Forsyth Evans with wildflowers at her family's home Girrahween in Manly c1905 Media
Camden village, Sydney in 1842, showing Kirkham windmill and the Cowpastures Media
Dr Iza Coghlan April 1893 Media
Dr Iza Coghlan 1906 Media
A Saline Draught 1868 Media
Part of Sydney & St James' Church from the square called the Race Course, 1844 Media
Hyde Park Barracks c1872 Media
View of old Government House - Sydney - N.S.W. as it appeared when vacated by Sir George Gipps in 1845 Media
Mr Ledger's alpacas and llamas at Sophienburg, the seat of Mr. Atkinson, New South Wales c1859 Media
Plan of the Honble Saul Samuel's estates Collingwood and Sophienberg, 'Narrawa', Liverpool Media
Sophienburg, Liverpool 1880 Media
Collingwood, Liverpool 1880 Media
Blueit, native of Botany Bay, New South Wales; whole-length naked man, except for loin cloth, standing to left, holding a spear and spear-thrower in his right hand, and club in his left 1810 Media
The Sirus & Supply in Jackson's Bay c1789 Media
Florence Holloway's Obstetric Nursing certificate from the Royal Hospital for Women, 18 February 1908 Media
Florence Holloway's Certifcate in Nursing from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, April 1907 Media
Florence Holloway's Certifcate in Nursing from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, April 1907 Media
Nurse sitting on back of horse drawn Sydney Ambulance at the Coast Hospital c1900 Media
Trainee nurse Dorothy Way preparing medicine at Sydney Hospital December 1948 Media
Medical Officers of the School Medical Service 29 June 1925 Media
Dr IF Coghlan 29 June 1925 Media
The Harriett Biffin Pathology Laboratory Plaque at Rachel Forster Hospital 2007 Media