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Kangaroo Jack, King of Cockle Creek 1834-35 Media
Tracing showing the land which George Peat wishes to have measured with the 20 acres already marked out at Upper Portland Head March 1836 Media
Pitt Town ferry, Hawkesbury River c1890 Media
Maud Jeffries 1898 Media
Miles of carpet for the Trocadero... 1936 Media
Jitterbuggers at the Trocadero February 1948 Media
Band playing at a Popular Dance night at the Trocadero 1938 Media
Sydney Parish of Alexandria - Sketch shewing the occupation on the Crown Lands to the Eastward of the Woolloomooloo Gaol 31 August 1847 Media
Entrance to Darlinghurst Gaol 1887 Media
The execution of Ann Davis, reported by David Collins March 1789 Media
Railway to the Circular Quay c1890 Media
Progress of the soldier settlement scheme at Frenchs Forest in the Lone Hand, August 1918 Media
Advertisement in the Lone Hand for Heenzo 'the famous money saving remedy for coughs, colds, croup, catarrh' with Henry Lawson 1918 Media
A New Society: the establishment of the Australian Society of Black and White Artists July 1924 Media
Spiffliwinks, who has just received an appointment upon a Scientific Journal, takes lodgings in a street in Darlinghurst, anxious to secure quiet and seclusion from the turmoil of the clty 1882 Media
Colonial pardon for James Freeman 'on condition of his becoming the public Executioner' 1 March 1788 Media
Artefact Heritage Services Media
Parish of Willoughby, County of Cumberland c1846 Media
Map of that part of the North Shore of Port Jackson which is opposite to Sydney 1828 Media
Plan of the Sydney National Library [Mitchell Library]. Basement floor, part north elevation, sections and soffit of pediment 29 July 1907 Media
Title page of the 'Picturesque Atlas of Australasia', Volume I, 1886 Media
United States R & R men from Vietnam meet Aussie girls at the Whisky-A-Go-Go, 9 November 1967 Media
Singer Ray Brown, photographed at Channel 9 studios 2 June 1967 Media
Have YOU tried the Stomp? September 1963 Media
The Beach House Beatles performing at a 2UW Surf Music night at Surf City, Kings Cross February 1964 Media
The Beach House Beatles performing at a 2UW Surf Music night at Surf City, Kings Cross February 1964 Media
The Beach House Beatles performing at a 2UW Surf Music night at Surf City, Kings Cross February 1964 Media
The Beach House Beatles performing at a 2UW Surf Music night at Surf City, Kings Cross February 1964 Media
It can't happen here.... Scenes in inner city Sydney during the Depression 1938 Media
Excerpt of oral history interview with Jane Lanyon about life as a child in the inner city during the Depression, by historian Sue Rosen at Redfern, 19 November 1994 Media
The Hermitage cafe, Ash Street, Sydney 1942 Media
The Echoes band entertaining dancers at Surf City, Sydney 1963 Media
Passengers queue to get a ticket for the Sydney Monorail on a hot day in January 2 January 2009 Media
Sydney Monorail 6 September 2009 Media
Enmore House of Grounds - Contents - Sarah St, Simmons St, Enmore Rd, Harrow Rd, Fancis St, c1873 Media
Enmore House and ground, 11 allotments for sale by auction by Austn. Auction Compy c1841 Media
The Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science ... members of the Council, 1898 Media
ACACIA PENDULA. A.Cunningham 1877 Media
HC Russell, CMG BA FRS FRAS 1898 Media
Mr HC Russell, the Government Astronomer, The Bulletin 9 October 1880 Media
Cover of 'Observations of the transit of Venus, 9 December 1874: made at stations in New South Wales ... under the direction of H.C. Russell, Government Astronomer' 1892 Media
Observatory and the signalling station, Observatory Hill, Sydney 1870-75 Media
Pfahlert's Hotel, Wynyard Square 1879 Media
Assistant astronomer Ernest Adderley at the Sydney Observatory looking through 6 inch telescope 18 February 1941 Media
Mary Allen at the Sydney Observatory using astrographic plates to calculate the relative distances between stars February 1941 Media
Sydney Observatory (H.C. Russell in doorway) c1860 Media
Lady diamond cutter [Elsa Joris] June 1935 Media
Lady electrician [Violet McKenzie installing light fitting at the Electrical Association for Women's rooms] June 1935 Media
'Terrible and exemplary punishment' Page from Governor Macquarie's diary and memorandum book, 10 April 1816 Media
Women commuters, one using a typewriter and another knitting, on The Fish, the train from Sydney to Mount Victoria 8 April 1943 Media