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Royal Commission into New South Wales Prisons 1978 Entity
Royal Commission into Noxious and Offensive Trades 1882 Entity
Royal Commission into Public Charities 1873 Entity
Royal Commission on Communication between Sydney and North Sydney 1908 Entity
Royal Commission on Liquor Laws in New South Wales 1951-54 Entity
Royal Commission on Local Government Boundaries 1945 Entity
Royal Commission on Strikes 1890 Entity
Royal Easter Show Entity
Royal Tour 1954 Entity
Rugby Union World Cup 1987 Entity
Rum Rebellion 1808-09 Entity
Save Callan Park campaign Entity
Scarlet fever epidemic 1875-76 Entity
Schools Spectacular Entity
Scottish Week Entity
Select Committee on the Condition of the Working Classes of the Metropolis 1859-60 Entity
Sesquicentenary of European settlement of Australia 1938 Entity
Shark Arm murder 1935 Entity
Shell National Folkloric Festival Entity
Smallpox epidemic 1789 Entity
Smallpox epidemic 1881 Entity
Soldiers' riot 1916 Entity
Spanish influenza epidemic 1918-19 Entity
Springbok tour 1971 Entity
Survival Day Entity
Sydney Film Festival Entity
Sydney to Hobart yacht race Entity
Sydney Underground Film Festival Entity
Tet Nguyen Dan Entity
Tet Trung Thu Entity
Tropfest Entity
Waratah Spring Festival Entity
Warringah Eisteddfod Entity
World Masters Games 2009 Entity
World Radio Convention 1938 Entity
World Surfing Championships Manly 1964 Entity
Aegiceras corniculatum Entity
Angophora costata Entity
Apple Tree Bay Entity
Apple Tree Bay Creek Entity
Araucaria bidwillii Entity
Araucaria heterophylla Entity
Avicennia marina Entity
Bald Rock Entity
Ballast Point Entity
Balls Head Bay Entity
Balmain Cove Entity
Balmoral Beach Entity
Bar Island Entity
Bare Island Entity