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Tooth's yellow card for the General Gordon Hotel, Sydenham 1959-1969 Media
Sylvia Rose Ashby c1940 Media
Striking men outside the Railway Institute at Central Station during the 1917 Great Strike Media
Strikers' wives marching from The Domain to Parliament House August 1917 Media
Advertisement for the Sydney Elite Skating Rink 1888 Media
Benledi Estate, Glebe Point: for auction sale Saturday 29th September 1900 on the ground at 3pm Media
Forest Lodge and Alma Cottage, Glebe c1865 Media
Sarah Bernhardt as Marguerite Gautier in La Dame aux camelias 1891 Media
Floor in the crypt of St Mary's Cathedral 2014 Media
Devonshire Street cemetery prior to demolition, showing the headstone of Joseph Leburn c1900 Media
Sketch shewing the situation of Huts in the Parish of Botany belonging to Boatswain Maroot 1830 Media
Philip Gidley King c1800-1805 Media
When It Comes, by Dorothea Mackellar Media
Pages from book The Electric Imps 1937 Media
William Minam, Walamata Port Aitken 1843 Media
Movat 1820 [Boatswain Maroot] Media
Aerial view of Redfern Park and Redfern Oval 1949 Media
David Stewart c1950 Media
WEA marine biology weekend, Newport 1929 Media
First gathering at WEA Newport Centre, 19 October 1924 Media
David Stewart, founder of WEA in Australia, discussing WEA activities with organiser Stan Bollard 1949 Media
David Stewart and his first wife Lillian, 1916 Media
WEA Summer School at Newport 1957 Media
Lloyd Ross with WEA Sydney class studying Trade Unionism, 1949 Media
The Lending Library at WEA headquarters, Albert Street, Sydney 1949 Media
Meredith Atkinson 1919 Media
Front page of Universal Service League journal, 26 August 1916 Media
Sumner Locke Elliott 1938 Media
Lovable characters in new radio serial, 'Tradesman's Entrance', July 1941 Media
Doris Fitton's production of Sumner Locke Elliott's fine Australian Army play Rusty Bugles, 1948 Media
This book may make him a millionaire 1963 Media
Miles Franklin c1925 Media
The CTA Club, Martin Place March 2012 Media
Advertisement for Capstan cigarettes, February 1932 Media
Convict road gang going up King Street c1843 Media
Key is lowered to latecomers to WEA evening class in a city building 1949 Media
Detail of map showing Pfahlerts Hotel at Wynyard 1880 Media
Major General Edward Buckley Wynyard, the commander of the forces 1848 Media
WEA Secretary Peter Tyler on the television program 'Doorway to Knowledge' c1962 Media
WEA tutor Griet Hesse with students at WEA House c1989 Media
Opening ceremony at WEA House, 4 December 1971 Media
Painting class at WEA Summer School at Newport 1971 Media
Catalogue of the WEA Central Lending Library June 1946 Media
Commander Keith Wake, president of WEA Sydney, outside WEA House c1971 Media
Cover of first issue of the WEA Sydney's magazine 'Australian Highway', March 1919 Media
Teaching of Sex Hygiene, July 1920 Media
Elaine Witton teaching calligraphy class at the WEA Sydney 1990 Media
Back garden drama tuition at the WEA summer school, Newport 1949 Media
The Rachel Forster Hospital's fifth birthday celebrations, Redfern 1927 Media
Brooklyn Hotel, Hawkesbury River c1905 Media