The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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A Day's Picnic on Clark Island Entity
A day's picnic on Clark Island 1870 Media
A dial like Luna Park Entity
A direct north general view of Sydney Cove 1794 Media
A Disturbing Outlook, SMH, 13 September 1922 Media
A Fact Worth Knowing 1873 Media
A family of New South Wales c1790s Media
A few of the business buildings of Sydney March 1878 Media
A Fleet of Transports under Convoy c1782 Media
A Fringe of Leaves Entity
A game of draughts 1933 Media
A Game of Draughts 1933 Entity
A Gas Attack, February 1916 Media
A Gentle Hint - Labourer: 'Hi, Miss, I want that stone when you've done with it, please' 1868 Media
A Glimpse of Sydney from Darlinghurst c1886 Media
A government jail gang, Sydney N.S. Wales c1826 Media
A Grand Sanitary Work - Reclamation of Mud Flats at Cooks River, Botany Bay 1888 Media
A Grave and Burning Question - Dr Creed's NSW Cremation Bill 1886 Media
A group of Italian prisoners of war behind the perimeter fence of the main compound at the Liverpool prisoner of war and internment camp November 21, 1945 Media
A Hard God Entity
A Hordern & Sons, Drapery Warehouse and Palace Showrooms 1878 Media
A Japanese, in military uniform, addressing his 'poor dog Tray'. This is the only dog left out of the 25 with which the expedition started, May 1911 Media
A King Street swell Entity
A lane in The Rocks c1915 Media
A likely pool 1886 Media
A Manual of Grasses of New South Wales Entity
A map of all those parts of the territory of New South Wales 1792 Media
A map of the County of Cumberland in the Colony of New South Wales 1840-1860 (detail) Media
A map of the hitherto explored country contiguous to Port Jackson: lain down from actual survey 1791 Media
A Marked Man Entity
A Month in the Bush with Four Gentlemen Entity
A Mother's Offering to her Children by a Lady, long resident in New South Wales, 1841 Media
A murder committed near Parramatta 1794 Media
A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay Entity
A Nation is Built Entity
A native family of New South Wales sitting down on an English settler's farm c1826 Media
A new chance for the wayward girl 1936 Media
A new Grace Bros regional store at Parramatta October 1939 Media
A new labyrinthodont (Paracyclotosaurus) from the upper Trias of New South Wales Media
A New Society: the establishment of the Australian Society of Black and White Artists July 1924 Media
A number of us gave lunch to Miss Walker at "The Hut" at Parsley Bay today, Thursday 22 September 1910 Media
A packet of Bex powders Media
A pavement artist in Sydney, 2010 Media
A pedestrian is injured when knocked down by a Kings Cross tram 1930s Media
A peep at Manly 1886 Media
A Popular Account of Australian Snakes: Entity
A quiet corner, St Patrick's Day celebrations in Sydney 1886 Media
A Quiet Meeting: or how Ministerial Explanations are listened to in NS Wales 1866 Media
A Railway along Pitt Street - diagram of city railway and connections 1926 Media
A Rambler from Clare Entity