The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Coote, Anne Contributor
Copeman and Lemont Contributor
Cotton, Olive Contributor
Coulter, C.G. Contributor
Cousins, Thomas Contributor
Cowan, Theo Contributor
Cowdroy, Vic Contributor
Crane, Kenneth Contributor
Crawford, Robert Contributor
Cresciani, Gianfranco Contributor
Crichton, David Alexander Contributor
Crown Studios Contributor
Crowther, John Contributor
CSIRO Contributor
Cullis, Sharyn Contributor
Cumberland County Council Contributor
Cunningham, Anne Contributor
Curby, Pauline Contributor
Curtis, Samuel Contributor
Cusack, Nicole Contributor
D Rutland, Suzanne Contributor
Daintree, Richard Contributor
Dalton, Edwin Contributor
Dangar, Reginald Neville Contributor
Danijel James Contributor
Danny Huynh Photography Contributor
Darby, Garry Contributor
Darcy, Michael Contributor
Darian-Smith, Kate Contributor
Darly, Matthew Contributor
Davies, Scott Contributor
Dawes, William Contributor
Dawson, Alexander Contributor
Dawson, Patrick Contributor
Dawson, Tony Contributor
Day, N C Contributor
Dayes, Edward Contributor
De Berg, Hazel Contributor
De Chazal De Chamerel, Toussaint Antoine Contributor
de Montfort, Carlin Contributor
de Villentroy, Albert Bellier Contributor
Dean Boyce Contributor
Deer family collection Contributor
Degotardi, John Contributor
Deirmendjian, Gary Contributor
Dellit, Charles Bruce Contributor
Dening, Corporal Contributor
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Contributor
Derricourt, Robin Contributor
Desmond-Kennedy, Arthur Contributor