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Wrapped Coast – One Million Square Feet Entity
Wreaths at the Balmain War Memorial Loyalty Square 5 April 2009 Media
Wreck of Dunbar, South Head c1862-1863 Media
Wreck of the Edward Lombe 1834 Media
Wreck of the Fifeshire (Terrigal) 1886 Media
Wreck of the MV Malabar at Long Bay, April 1931 Media
Wreck of the ‘Edward Lombe’ on Middle Head 1834 Media
Wrench, ETJ Entity
Wright's glue works Entity
Wright, David Contributor
Wright, David Entity
Wright, David McKee Entity
Wright, Francis Entity
Wright, James Entity
Wright, John Charles Entity
Wright, John Christie Entity
Wright, Judith Entity
Wright, Stevie Entity
Wright, Victor Entity
Wright, William Entity
Wrightson, Patricia Entity
Wrigley's Chewing Gum factory Entity
Write Your Name in Concrete, Enmore 6 December 2008 Media
Writer Dorothy Porter 1993 Media
Writer, Larry Entity
Writers' Walk Entity
Wrobel, Elinor Entity
Wrobel, Fred Entity
Wrought iron aqueduct across Shea's Creek flat, part of Macdonadltown and Alexandria Branch Sewer 1892 Media
WSN Environmental Solutions Entity
Wuganmagulya (Farm Cove) Entity
Wuganmagulya (Farm Cove) by Brenda Croft 2000 Media
Wunambiri, Surry Hills Entity
Wunderlich Limited Entity
Wunderlich Limited Contributor
Wunderlich, Ernest Julius Entity
Wurrgan Entity
WW Cole's Concorporated Shows Entity
WWI Memorial School of Arts, Liverpool c1940 Media
Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care Organisation Entity
Wyatt, Annie Entity
Wyatt, Annie Entry
Wyatt, Ivor Entity
Wyatt, Joseph Entity
Wyatt, Liam Contributor
Wybalena Entity
Wychwood Entity
Wykeham, Reginald Entity
Wylde, John Entity
Wylde, Thomas Entity