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Larry Foley's White Horse Hotel in George Street, Sydney, with the Sudan regiment passing by 1885 Media
Larry Foley c1875 Media
Detail of map of Sydney showing buildings running between George and Pitt Streets, between King and Market Streets 1880 Media
Bridge over the tank stream at Sydney Cove 1794-1796 Media
View of Sydney from the west side of the Cove c1806 Media
Bridge over the Tank Stream c1806 Media
Explorers Tree, Katoomba c1890 Media
The Explorers' Tree, Katoomba c1910 Media
First Government House and Boston's Mill, c1803 Media
View of the bridge over the Tank Stream c1803 Media
First government house and Boston's Mill c1800 Media
Buildings on the west of Sydney Cove c1811 Media
Sydney Gaol c1810 Media
Sydney Cove, West side, 1810 Media
The growing nuisance on George Street, letter to the Editor of the Australian 1828 Media
Theft from the lumber yard 1829 Media
Outlines of the Orphan School & Lumber Yard 1824 Media
Detail of map showing the mouth of the Tank Stream 1821 Media
Cover of 'Female immigration considered in a brief account of the Sydney Immigrants' Home' by Caroline Chisholm 1842 Media
Map from The Stranger's Guide to Sydney 1861 Media
Title page of The Stranger's Guide to Sydney 1861 Media
Bar of the Newcastle Hotel, George Street, 2 January 1957 Media
Bar of the Newcastle Hotel, George Street, 2 January 1957 Media
James Pemell's Stanmore House, with advertisement for subdivision, between 1900-1905 Media
Boundary post with cast lettering 'Phillip Ward, Hosking, Mayor' outside the English, Scottish and Australian Bank, Enmore Road 1900-1905 Media
Bridge Street looking west from Loftus, showing Simeon Lord's house and Macquarie Place 1900-1905 Media