The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Bockelmann, Thomas Paul Contributor
Bolt, Peter Contributor
Bolton, Alec Contributor
Bonneville, Francois Contributor
Bourn, Sotha Contributor
Bowie, Ian Contributor
Boyce, Dean Contributor
Boyce, Gary Contributor
Boyne, John Contributor
Bradfield, JJC Contributor
Bradford Pty Ltd Contributor
Bradley, William Contributor
Brainwood, Linda Contributor
Bray, James Samuel Contributor
Brechney, Kelly Contributor
Brees, Samuel Charles Contributor
Brennan, Nicholas Contributor
Brentbat Contributor
Brierly, Oswald Walters B Contributor
Brindle, William (Bill) Contributor
British Museum Contributor
Broadhurst Post Card Publishers Contributor
Bronte SLSC Contributor
Brook, Jack Contributor
Brown, G Contributor
Brownrigg & Roe Contributor
Brumley, Reuben Contributor
Buckland, John L Contributor
Budak, Luka Contributor
Buhrich, Eva M Contributor
Burford, Robert Contributor
Burgmann, Meredith Contributor
Burgmann, Verity Contributor
Butler, Mark Contributor
Butler-Bowden, Caroline Contributor
C. Moore Hardy Contributor
Cadzow, Allison Contributor
Caire, Nicholas Contributor
Calderwood, SC Contributor
Calvert, Samuel Contributor
Camden Council Library Contributor
Cameron, Bruce Contributor
Cameron-Smith, Barbara Contributor
Campbell, Craig Contributor
Campbell, John Contributor
Campbelltown City Council Contributor
Campbelltown City Library Contributor
Caney Photo Contributor
Capon, Edmund Contributor
Carlton Studios Contributor