The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Ashton, Clare F Contributor
Lalich, Walter F Contributor
Fahey, Warren Contributor
Fairfield City Council Contributor
Falconer, Delia Contributor
Falk Studios Contributor
Fallowfield, Rachel Contributor
Farlow, Margaret Contributor
Fay's Studios Contributor
FBi Radio's All the Best Contributor
Featherstone, Lisa Contributor
Fereday, Susan Contributor
Fernandez, Sacha Contributor
Fernyhough, WH Contributor
Field, Barron Contributor
Field, Robert Contributor
Finnane, Mark Contributor
Finucane, James Contributor
Fitzgerald, Shirley Contributor
Fitzpatrick, James (Jim) Contributor
Fletcher, Jeannie (JIGGS IMAGES) Contributor
Fletcher, Patrick Contributor
Flickr Contributor
Flockton, Margaret Contributor
Flynn, J Contributor
Flynn, Michael Contributor
Folingsby, George Frederick Contributor
Foraggio Fotographic Contributor
Forbes, Pam Contributor
Forde, Helena Contributor
Forsyth, Hannah Contributor
Foster and Martin Contributor
Foster, A Contributor
Foster, Arthur Ernest Contributor
Foster, Arthur George Contributor
Fowkes, Francis (attrib) Contributor
Fowles, Joseph Contributor
Frappell, Samantha Contributor
Frawley, Jodi Contributor
Frazer, AL 'Curly' Contributor
Frazer, C J Contributor
Fredrikson, Kristian Contributor
Freeman & Co Contributor
Freeman Bros & Prout Contributor
Freeman Brothers Contributor
Freeman Studios Contributor
Freestone, Robert Contributor
French, Robert Contributor
Freycinet, Louis de Contributor
Freyne, Catherine Contributor