The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Cover of Tattersall's Club Magazine, October 1929 Media
Pitt St at Lyceum Theatre [and Tattersall's Hotel] Media
Mesr Hawkes and Co.'s new Sydney Tattersall's Buildings 1882 Media
Criterion Theatre being demolished, corner Park and Pitt Streets, Sydney 1936 Media
His Honor Mr Justice Dowling, afterwards Sir James Dowling, C.J., 1834 Media
R R Garran, BA 1898 Media
Professor WH Warren 1898 Media
Ruth Park writing at home, one of her children under the table, September 1951 Media
Erskine Park, South Creek, late residence of James Martyr Esquire Media
Colonel James Erskine c1785-1795 Media
Man busking with a one-string fiddle made from a kerosene tin, Sydney, 1929 Media
Plan of the Lachlan Vale Estate near the town of Appin, County of Cumberland, subdivided into ten farms, 1856 Media
Cumberland Place, The Rocks, circa 1912 Media
Cumberland Place, The Rocks 1912 Media
Yaralla 1924 Media
Dame Eadith Campbell Walker 1924 Media
Henry Parkes c1860 Media
View from the Government Domain Sydney 1833 Media
Three stages of the Grass tree or Yellow Gum Plant, after 1794 Media
Yellow Gum [Grass] Tree, native name Goo rung arra, after 1794 Media
Xanthorrhoea 1803-1806 Media
View from the Archdeacon's house, Sydney, of the Bay 1833 Media
View of part of the River of Sydney in New South Wales, taken from St Phillips Church yard Views in New South Wales 1813 Media
Government lumber yard 1813 Media
Rules & regulations for the management of the Aborigines, or, Black Native Institution of New South Wales, established at Parramatta, on the 18th of January, 1815. Media
Report handed in by Mrs Shelley: A monthly report of the state and progress of the Aborigines children in the Native Asylum, Parramatta, from the 1st to the 31st of May, 1820 Media
A view of the native burial of Baggara, a native of NSW 20 November 1813 Media
Manly, harbour side c1890 Media
The landing of the convicts at Botany Bay 1788 Media
Scene on Double Bay Sydney N.S.W. 1840-1842 Media
Convicts in iron gang working on roads 1845 Media
Hutte d’aborigènes près de Sydney, femme surnommée Queen Gooseberry 1845 Media
Aboriginal man William Worrall outside his hut, Rose Bay 1853 Media
Rear of the first Government House, from Thomas Woore's panorama of Sydney 1829 Media
Sketch of Centennial Park c1887 Media
The Johnny O'Keefe show 'Sing, Sing, Sing' being filmed at ATN 7, January 1965 Media
PIX studio portrait of Johnny O'Keefe 27 August 1959 Media
Flying fox or fruit bat, 1860 Media
Miss Australia 1957 Helen Wood farewelled at Mascot, March 1958 Media
Portrait of Commandant en Chef Nicolas Baudin c1802 Media
The Shirase sword at the Australian Museum 2020 Media
Charles H Bertie, City Librarian, 1925-1927 Media
Charles H Bertie 1952 Media
Charles H Bertie 1930 Media
Monorail structure 1988-2013, Pyrmont Bridge 2005 Media
Cooking quarters at the Japanese camp, Parsley Bay May 1911 Media
Japanese camp at Parsley Bay: the white square on the door is the No Admittance notice May 1911 Media
The exploring ship Kainan-Maru as she now lies in Parsley Bay May 1911 Media
One of the Japanese explorers reading 'The Daily Telegraph' at Vaucluse camp May 1911 Media
A Japanese, in military uniform, addressing his 'poor dog Tray'. This is the only dog left out of the 25 with which the expedition started, May 1911 Media