The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Blue Mountains City Library Contributor
Blomfield, Harold Arthur Contributor
Blinksell, Magella Contributor
Blaxell, Gregory Contributor
Blake, William Contributor
Blackwood, William Contributor
Blackwell, Elizabeth Contributor
Blacket, Edmund Thomas Contributor
Blacket family Contributor
Blacket and Son Contributor
Björn Larsson Contributor
Bishop, Mervyn Contributor
Bishop, EP Contributor
Bishop, Catherine Contributor
Bischoff, Joseph Contributor
Biron Valier Contributor
Bird, Thomas Contributor
Bird, Brian Contributor
Biodiversity Heritage Library Contributor
Bill Stewart Contributor
Bibby, H Contributor
Bianchi, ABIS Chantelle Contributor
Betteridge, Margaret Contributor
betta design Contributor
Bertrand, Henry Louis Contributor
Bento, Carl Contributor
Benjamin, Paul Contributor
Benevolent Society Contributor
Bemi, PL Contributor
Beck, Deborah Contributor
Beattie, John Watt Contributor
Beard, Janet Contributor
Bayliss, Charles Contributor
Baugniet, Charles Contributor
Barry, James Contributor
Barrow, B Contributor
Barrett, Thomas Contributor
Barnett, H. Walter Contributor
Barnet, James Contributor
Barnes, Bren Contributor
Barko, Ivan Contributor
Bar, Jim Contributor
Bantex Group - WC Penfold Contributor
Bank of England Archive Contributor
Balmain and Glebe Heritage Contributor
Balint, Ruth Contributor
Balcombe, Thomas Tyrwhitt Contributor
Baker, William Contributor
Bain News Service Contributor
Baillie, Patricia Contributor