The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Bar of the Newcastle Hotel, George Street, 2 January 1957 Media
Title page of The Stranger's Guide to Sydney 1861 Media
Map from The Stranger's Guide to Sydney 1861 Media
Cover of 'Female immigration considered in a brief account of the Sydney Immigrants' Home' by Caroline Chisholm 1842 Media
Detail of map showing the mouth of the Tank Stream 1821 Media
Outlines of the Orphan School & Lumber Yard 1824 Media
Theft from the lumber yard 1829 Media
The growing nuisance on George Street, letter to the Editor of the Australian 1828 Media
Sydney Cove, West side, 1810 Media
Sydney Gaol c1810 Media
Buildings on the west of Sydney Cove c1811 Media
First government house and Boston's Mill c1800 Media
View of the bridge over the Tank Stream c1803 Media
First Government House and Boston's Mill, c1803 Media
The Explorers' Tree, Katoomba c1910 Media
Explorers Tree, Katoomba c1890 Media
Bridge over the Tank Stream c1806 Media
View of Sydney from the west side of the Cove c1806 Media
Bridge over the tank stream at Sydney Cove 1794-1796 Media
Detail of map of Sydney showing buildings running between George and Pitt Streets, between King and Market Streets 1880 Media
Larry Foley c1875 Media
Larry Foley's White Horse Hotel in George Street, Sydney, with the Sudan regiment passing by 1885 Media
Wireless Wizardry: A Sydney experiment August 1919 Media
Exterior view of Sydney & Suburban Hydraulic Power Company pumping station, Darling Harbour c1898 Media
Section drawing of engine house and accumulator of Sydney & Suburban Hydraulic Power Company pumping station, Darling Harbour c1898 Media
Description of the execution of Thomas Barrett in Arthur Bowes Smyth's journal, 27 February 1788 Media
Description of the trial and execution of Thomas Barrett in Arthur Bowes Smyth's journal, February 1788 Media
David Jones 'Acousticises' Its Auditorium March 1934 Media
Ernest Fisk at the opening of the new radio telephone service to America in the AWA Building 21 December 1938 Media
Front page of the first issue of The Bulletin, 31 January 1880 Media
Andrew Barton (Banjo) Paterson, poet, solicitor, journalist, war correspondent and soldier c1890 Media
Zora Bernice May Cross, poet and writer 1927 Media
Zora Cross 1919 Media
The YMCA Building, Pitt Street c1930 Media
Sydney Grammar School, playground 1887 Media
Mark Foy's Complete Organisation Consists of Three Separate Establishments 1915 Media
Rushcutters Bay Park 2003 Media
Rushcutters Bay and Darling Point c1890 Media
Two Mark Foy's stores, Liverpool Street, Christmas 1936 Media
WH Ifould 1927 Media
Opening of the Sydney Public Library by His Excellency Earl Belmore 30 September 1869 Media
Preserve this as a bookmark / the property of the Free Public Library, Sydney c1880 Media
Floor plan from the Catalogue of the Free Public Library, Sydney, 1876 Media
Trade, catalogues, periodicals, commercial and technical books, A splendid collection at the Public Library, Free day and night, corner of Bent & Macquarie Streets 1919 Media
Public Library Sydney. Plan shewing arrangement of books to which free access is allowed : Ground plan 1890 Media
Free Public Library of New South Wales Media
Staff of the Free Public Library c1885 Media
Free Public Library, Sydney January 1871 Media
Australian Library and Literary Institution 1868 Media
Comfort in overseas air travel, in an Empire flying boat 1938 Media