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Harbor Collieries Coal Mine, Balmain 1897 Media
(View of the) North Shore, Sydney Harbour 1854 Media
The Duke and Duchess, Barracluff's Ostrich Farm, South Head c1906 Media
The Bird That Does Not Bury Its Head In The Sand 1920 Media
Mr Barracluff (Junior) gives Denis a ride, South Head 24 December 1905 Media
Ostrich Farm, Watsons Bay c1910 Media
Crowds waiting at Taylor Square for the Mardi Gras parade 3 March 2013 Media
DIY Rainbow event at Newtown Square 26 April 2013 Media
Rainbow Crossing at Taylor Square 27 February 2013 Media
James Brechney and friend Wladi drawing the original DIY Rainbow, Commonwealth Lane, Surry Hills 11 April 2013 Media
Balmain Coal Mine 2 August 1950 Media
Balmain Colliery c1920 Media
Mrs Millicent Tangga 1945 Media
Iris Eileen Mary Webber 20 November 1941 Media
Iris Webber 20 November 1941 Media
'I'll Chop her in Halves!' Man's Threat to Slash Woman 1937 Media
New South Wales Police Photo Book. Iris Eileen Mary Webber. 20 November 1941. No 163/139 Media
Canon Hammond at Liverpool, December 1935 (detail) Media
Sir Edward Hallstrom, with a koala at Taronga Park Zoo 1964 Media
Construction of concrete arch bridge to replace existing suspension bridge, Northbridge c1938 Media
Duplicating tram track in Strathhallen Avenue, Northbridge 1934 Media
Spencers' grant, Albert Town, Middle Harbour 1859 Media
Suspension Bridge, Northbridge c1890s Media
Long Gully Bridge, the suspension bridge at Northbridge, looking north east c1892 Media
Temporary Northbridge golf clubhouse at Northbridge Grandstand 1935 Media
War memorial clock, Northbridge Media
Presbyterian Church, Northbridge 1929 Media
Northbridge Theatre c1933 Media
Hallstrom residence, Hallstrom Close, Fig Tree Point c1940 Media
Bond's Corner, Northbridge 1926 Media
American Indians at Northbridge Public School 1928 Media
Children and swimmers in Northbridge Baths 1938 Media
The Northbridge sign, with part of it in backyard of house in Weetawa Road 1924 Media
Canon Hammond at Liverpool December 1935 Media
St Barnabas' Church, Broadway (photographed for Canon Hammond) August 1937 Media
St Barnabas' church, Parramatta Street, Sydney 1869 Media
The Rev Thomas Smith, incumbent of St Barnabas' church 1869 Media
St Barnabas CE Church, Glebe c1905 Media
The permanent Rainbow Crossing installed by Ashfield Council on the public square in Lackey Street, Summer Hill 26 September 2015 Media
Beside a cafe in Marrickville, another DIY rainbow 14 April 2013 Media
In North Ryde a family chalked a rainbow crossing on their driveway 1 May 2013 Media
The front path of Benledi House in Glebe was chalked with a rainbow 30 April 2013 Media
A chalk rainbow in Bourke Street not far from the site of the original Rainbow Crossing 14 April 2013 Media
After the Rainbow Crossing was removed commemorative rainbow ribbons were tied to nearby barriers, Taylor Square April 2013 Media
The original Rainbow Crossing in Oxford Street at Taylor Square 2013 Media
Eleanor Dark's former studio at Varuna 2010 Media
Eric Dark, Eleanor Dark and son Mick with Hennesy at Varuna c1938 Media
Varuna c2012 Media
Mick Dark in the garden at Varuna 2010 Media
Mick Dark at Varuna 2010 Media