The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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The execution of Ann Davis, reported by David Collins March 1789 Media
Entrance to Darlinghurst Gaol 1887 Media
Sydney Parish of Alexandria - Sketch shewing the occupation on the Crown Lands to the Eastward of the Woolloomooloo Gaol 31 August 1847 Media
Band playing at a Popular Dance night at the Trocadero 1938 Media
Jitterbuggers at the Trocadero February 1948 Media
Miles of carpet for the Trocadero... 1936 Media
Maud Jeffries 1898 Media
Pitt Town ferry, Hawkesbury River c1890 Media
Tracing showing the land which George Peat wishes to have measured with the 20 acres already marked out at Upper Portland Head March 1836 Media
Kangaroo Jack, King of Cockle Creek 1834-35 Media
Chinese Gardens 24 May 2014 Media
Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour December 2014 Media
Chinese Garden of Friendship May 2017 Media
Spirals June 2017 Media
Sunset at Sydney Chinese Gardens June 2017 Media
Detail of plan of the Rocks showing the morgue, the Sailors Home and the Mariner's Church on north George Street 1880 Media
Plan of proposed site for a sailors home, Parish of St. Phillip, City of Sydney NSW c1863 Media
Aboriginal Legal Service, Redfern 1974 Media
Aboriginal Medical Service, Redfern 1980 Media
Clients at the Aboriginal Medical Service, Redfern 1974 Media
Man prising oysters off rocks in the river bed in Ku-ring-ai Chase National Park 1893-1896 Media
Windsor, Head of navigation Hawksbury [sic] River c1808 Media
The Settlement on the Green Hills, Hawksburgh [ie Hawkesbury] River N.S.Wales, 1809 Media
Pitt Town 1826 Media
'The Gallows' from the Keep Yard / the Scaffold at Darlinghurst, drawn by a Confinee c1890 Media
At Elizabeth Bay 1894 Media
Entrance to Tooth & Co. Kent Brewery, Broadway 1930s Media
William Bowra, Kent Brewery cellar foreman c1925 Media
Mosman Bay 1907 Media
Till Charity Do Us Part 1900 Media
Billie Barlow c1900 Media
Ferguson's Observer Hotel, George St North c1907 Media
Memo from City Health Officer GF Dansey about condition of the Dead House, Circular Quay, 1879 Media
Front page of Government Gazette 7 July 1854 Media
Rookwood - 64 Allotments of Land - Railway St, East St, James St, Patrick St, Joseph St, 1878 Media
The Robert Brough Memorial Fountain 7 January 2021 Media
Robert Brough c1875 Media
Sketch shewing the neccessity for connecting the East and West sides of Pitt Street by a temporary bridge March-April 1853 Media
Singleton's Mill - Hawkesbury River 1879 Media
Windsor 1883 Media
Hawkesbury River, view no 6 1802 Media
Bondi Australia the playground of the Pacific c1930 Media
The common hangman January 1880 Media
The Waratah Princess, Glenice Hill 1959 Media
Waratah Spring Festival parade, College Street 1960s Media
Gravestone 'Sacred to the memory of William Yardley, who lost his life by the bite of a Snake on the 5th of December 1824' in Devonshire Street Cemetery, 1901 Media
Argyle Street, looking towards the Observatory Hill c1902 Media
Watsons Bay 1902 Media
Royal Australian Historical Society. First outing to The Rocks c1901 Media
Interior of St James' Underground Railway Station, Sydney 1926 Media