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West Ryde Baptist Church c1950 Image
West side of Farm Cove with distant view of the Military Hospital, the smock-mill and Fort Phillip, c1818 Image
West view of Sydney Cove taken from the Rocks, at the rear of the General Hospital 1789 Image
West view of Sydney taken from Grose's farm, New South Wales 1819 Image
West window of Norwich Cathedral in England, completed September 1854, October 2016 Image
West's Olympia Theatre, Darlinghurst c1938 Image
Western Sydney International Dragway 2008 Image
Western Sydney mansions 2006 Image
Western view of Sydney Cove 1797 Image
Westie Workwear Week at the University of Western Sydney Campbelltown 2008 Image
Westley's chemist shop, Rowe Street, Eastwood, c 1947 Image
Wests Creek 1843 Image
Wetlands in Sydney Park September 2011 Image
Whaling ships belonging to Richard Jones c1835-43 Image
Whaling Station, Mosmans Bay Image
Wharf at Peats Ferry c1885 Image
What next? 1869 Image
What Sick Shark Revealed, front page of the Sydney Truth 5 May 1935 Image
Wheel-tree (Flowers) (Stenocarpus sinuatus ENDL.) 1917 Image
When It Comes, by Dorothea Mackellar Image
When Manly's on the spree 1928 Image
Where Pioneers sleep: Tombstone tales in St John's Churchyard, Parramatta 1923 Image
Where to spend Christmas: Historic spot Sans Souci 1894 Image
White Bay power station c1930 Image
White pigment hand stencil in rock-shelter in Middle Harbour Image
Wild animal exhibit promoting Congorilla film at Hoyts c1932 Image
Wiley & Son's basket wholesale warehouse, Park Street 1858 Image
William Balmain Image
William Bligh c1814 Image
William Charles Wentworth 1861-2 Image
William Charles Wentworth c1848 Image
William Cox 1830 Image
William Cox c1797-1798 Image
William Lane, leader of the New Australia colony, 1893 Image
William Lawson c1840s Image
William Liu c1982 Image
William Lygon, 7th Earl of Beauchamp, and Governor of New South Wales 1899 Image
William Lygon, 7th Earl of Beauchamp, and Governor of New South Wales 1899 Image
William Minam, Walamata Port Aitken 1843 Image
William Roberts, an original Anzac, and his family evicted from their Redfern home during the Depression 28 September 1934 Image
William Saurin Lyster 1883 Image
William Street c1963 Image
William Street looking towards Kings Cross 1965 Image
William Street, Kings Cross at night 1970 Image
William Vincent Wallace c1860 Image
William West and Martha (nee Sparks), far right, middle row, holding their baby son Bill West c1900 Image
Willoughby Falls, Middle Harbour 1886 Image
Wilson Street, Newtown 1999 Image
Windmill, old South Head Road, Sydney 26 August 1868 Image
Wine saloon, George Street 1916 Image