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Addison Road Community Centre

The Addison Road Community Centre is a community meeting-place in Marrickville, in the heart Sydney's Inner West, on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. The site was used as an Army Depot from the middle of World War I and became a community centre in 1976. It is home to organisations, artists, galleries, a theatre, a radio station, organic gardens and a self-guided Heritage Trail. The centre is cared for and managed by the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation (ARCCO), creating affordable spaces for NGOs, community groups and artists, and as a base for ARCCO's own community development programs in the arts, multiculturalism, environment, social justice and history. The centre is a locally listed Heritage Item that preserves remnant open space from its time as a 19th century dairy and market garden, dozens of buildings from its period of military use and buildings, artworks and additions made since its incarnation as a vibrant community centre, as well as several magnificent trees.

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Marrickville Community Centre