The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Carment, David Contributor
Carmichael, John Contributor
Carroll, William John Contributor
Carruthers, Ashley Contributor
Cartwright, C Contributor
Caruana, Mark Contributor
Cashman, Richard Contributor
Casserly Contributor
Castell, William Joseph Contributor
Cawthorne, David Contributor
Caxton, Florence Contributor
Cazneaux, Harold Contributor
Chaffer, Walter Contributor
Chan, Christopher Contributor
Charles Meere Contributor
Chidley, William James Contributor
Children's Services, SDN Contributor
Childs, Judy Contributor
Chisholm, Alec Hugh Contributor
Chua, Andrew Contributor
Chuan, Peter Contributor
Cildiroglu, Pinar Contributor
Randwick City Council Contributor
City of Botany Bay Library and Museum Services Contributor
City of Canada Bay Library Contributor
City of Canterbury Library Contributor
City of Sydney - Cultural Ribbon Foreshore Histories Project Contributor
City of Sydney Archives Contributor
City of Sydney Council Contributor
Clark, John Heaviside Contributor
Clarke, James Contributor
Clarke, JR Contributor
Clayton, Thomas Contributor
Clements, Anna Contributor
Clevely, Richard Contributor
Clifford-Smith, Silas Contributor
Clint, Raphael Contributor
Close, Edward Charles Contributor
Clugston, Niall Contributor
Cockatoo Docks and Engineering Company Proprietary Limited Contributor
Cohen, V Contributor
Collector of Customs Contributor
Collins, David Contributor
Concord Heritage Society Contributor
Connell, John Contributor
Conrad, Dennis Contributor
Convy, Paul Contributor
Cook, James Contributor
Cooper, Duncan E Contributor
Cooper, Nance Contributor