Dictionary of Sydney

The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

Local Court of New South Wales

Lowest court in the judicial hierarchy. Now known as Local Courts, presided over by magistrates and dealing with most minor civil and criminal matters. Originally established in Windsor in 1821, the Court of Petty Sessions (now known as the Local Court of NSW) was established to take on responsibility for minor civil and criminal matters at a local level. Glebe Court of Petty Sessions was established under the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1883. Almost a century later, a second Court of Petty Sessions was established within the Coroner’s Court and Forensic Pathology building at 44–46 Parramatta Road, Glebe. The Court of Petty Sessions was abolished in 1984 when the Local Courts Act 1982 was implemented.

Court of Petty Sessions
1821 - 1984