Dictionary of Sydney

The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

Jones, Francis

Passenger who was killed in the wreck of the Edward Lombe in Sydney Harbour in August 1834. A solicitor, he was travelling from London to Sydney with his wife and her brother after his family had apparently objected to their marriage.  He and his wife had been roused from their cabin after the ship's stern hit Middle Head and brought on deck for their safety, but Jones was washed overboard by a wave as he helped his wife to the front of the ship. His body was recovered at Chowder Bay two weeks after the disaster and identified at an inquest by black hair and a worsted stocking on its skeletal remains. His wife, the sole woman on board the ship, survived, although her brother did not. She returned to London in October 1834.

25 Aug 1834
10 Sep 1834
Mar 1834 - 25 Aug 1834