Small inner-west suburb named after the district in London. Becoming an industrial and residential suburb after the railway came through in 1884, it was partially depopulated by the aircraft noise of Sydney Airport during the 1990s.


by Chrys Meader, 2008 Creative Commons License

Part of the rich lands of the Cadigal people, Sydenham was late to develop because of the Gumbramorra Swamp which covered most of the western part. It grew into a thriving industrial and workers' suburb with a few large villas, but was gutted in the late twentieth century by the effects of aircraft noise from Sydney Airport. The demolition of 152 houses created Sydenham Green, a large park.
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Sydenham demographics

'The Inundations at Marrickville: Rescuing the Homeless' May 1889
Construction on the stormwater pit in Garden Street Sydenham 26 July 1935
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - St Peters 1886-1888
Shea's Creek 1888
The late heavy rains in Sydney and suburbs, June 1889
A baker delivering bread in Tramvale, Marrickville, during the late heavy rains and floods in Sydney June 1889
Her Majesty's mails being helped across Sydenham Road during the late heavy rains and floods in Sydney June 1889
Cutting & bank, Sydenham - Botany rail 3 November 1916