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Doyle's restaurant Entity
Doyle, Arthur Conan Entity
Doyle, John Contributor
Dr Bland's house in Pitt Street, with subsequent owner, Mr Butts, on horseback c1850-1867 Media
Dr Cox's residence at the corner of Macquarie and Hunter Streets c1873 Media
Dr HC Coombs’ office, designed by Fred Ward, at the Reserve Bank of Australia 1968 Media
Dr Henry Grattan Douglass, MD, MLC, 1790-1865, Assistant Surgeon, 18th Regt of Foot c1810 Media
Dr James Cox, Nepean River, 29 September 1888 Media
Dr JJC Bradfield on 'king pin' under the arch at the Sydney Harbour Bridge February 1931 Media
Dr John Graeme on the history of Sydney Hospital Media
Dr Mary Puckey, chief executive officer of the Rachel Forster Hospital for Women and Children 1941 Media
Dr Mitchell's residence, Cumberland Place, The Rocks 1842 Media
Dr Nick Lomb on the history of the Observatory 2009 Media
Dr Rumble's Question Box Entity
Dr Solander and Sir Joseph Banks: detail from Captain Cook window, Cranbrook, Bellevue Hill Media
Dr Walter Brown 1897 Media
Dr Walter Brown MD c1880 Media
Dr William Bland c1845 Media
Dr William Redfern undated Media
Drag and cross dressing Entry
Draganović, Harasty Entity
Dragon Entity
Dragon at the Aria Hall of Fame, Melbourne 2008 Media
Dragon Ball Sydney c1945 Media
Drake, Alma Entity
Drake, Bob Entity
Drake, Fanny Entity
Drake, Mildred (Desda) Entity
Dransfield, Michael Entity
Drapers' Association Entity
Drawing of old spear pump dug out of excavation in Wynyard Park Media
Drawing room at Greenoakes, Darling Point 1857-1895 Media
Drawn from life by JS Bray, the tiger or brown-banded snake, Hoplocephalus curtus - venomous. Life size. c1890 Media
Dreadful Wreck 1857 Media
Dress Circle Estate Entity
Drevar, George Entity
Drew, Eric Entity
Dreyfus, Ella Contributor
Drinking fountain inscribed '1858 Williams Mayor', Loftus Street 1930s Media
Drinking fountain near Fort St School 1924 Media
Drinks party, Kings Cross 1970-71 Media
Drive-in shopping centre, Top Ryde 1961 Media
Driver, Richard junior Entity
Drugs Cure Alcoholics, Sex Perverts in Overseas Tests, article from 'Truth', 4 December 1949 Media
Druitt Town Public School Plan, 1879 Media
Druitt, George Entity
Drummer Peg Clark plays as June Howarth and Ray Shart dance to band on the way to Broken Bay on the South Steyne, December 1953 Media
Drummoyne Entity
Drummoyne Sailing Club Entity
Dry dock, Balmain 1856 Media