The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Bate, Stanley Entity
Bates Drive Entity
Bates, Smart and McCutcheon Entity
Bates, Thomas Entity
Bateson, Charles Entity
Batey, Peter Entity
Bath House Parramatta Park Entity
Bathing boxes, Coogee Beach 1880-1890 Media
Bathing pool, Coogee Bay c1900 Media
Bats Entry
Bats at dusk 2006 Media
Batson and Company Entity
Batten, Bronwyn Entity
Batten, John Entity
Battle Bridge Entity
Battle of The Rocks Entity
Battlers for Kelly's Bush Entity
Baudin, Nicolas Entity
Baughan, John Entity
Baugniet, Charles Contributor
Baulkham Hills Entity
Baume, Eric Entity
Baur, George Entity
Bavin, Thomas Entity
Baxter, Alexander Entity
Baxter, Emily Entity
Baxter, Frederick Entity
Baxter, William Entity
Bay View House Private Lunatic Asylum, Cooks River 1869 Media
Bayliss, Charles Contributor
Bayliss, Joseph Entity
Bayly, Nicholas Entity
Bayside Council Entity
Bayside local government area Entity
Bayswater Hotel Entity
Bayview Entity
Bayview Heights Entity
Bayview House Entity
Bayview House Private Mental Hospital, King Street, Tempe 1939 Media
Baywatch Entity
Bērziņš, Valdis Entity
Be Ready with Bells and Drums Entity
Beach - Fairy Bower, Manly 1886 Media
Beach crowd whistled at models' French Costumes: Beryl Lawes and Pat Craig step out at Coogee in the new abbreviated French costumes September 1945 Media
Beach culture at Palm Beach 1960s Media
Beach, William (Bill) Entity
Beachley, Layne Entity
Beacon Hill Entity
Beaconsfield Entity
Beaconsfield Estate, Bankstown: on the proposed loop line St Peters Liverpool 1880-1890 Media