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XV Independent Group of Artists Entry
XV Independent Group of Artists Entity
Yackels, Alfred Fritz Entity
Yagoona Entity
Yamba cottage Entity
Yang, William Contributor
Yanko Estate Entity
Yanko, Val Entity
Yap, Brian Yoon Vee Contributor
Yaralla Entity
Yaralla Bay Entity
Yaralla estate Entry
Yaralla house Entity
Yaralla House 2007 Media
Yaralla, Concord West 2006 Media
Yarra Bay Entity
Yarra Bay House Entity
Yarra Bay House Entry
Yarra Bay House, Phillip Bay 30 July 2007 Media
Yarra Bay House, Phillip Bay 30 July 2007 Media
Yarra Bay Pleasure Grounds Entity
Yarra Bay, La Perouse c1953 Media
Yarramundi Entity
Yarramundi Entity
Yarramundi Lagoon Entity
Yarranabbe Park Entity
Yarranabbe Park Entry
Yarrawarrah Entry
Yarrawarrah Entity
Yarrawarrah Community Hall Entity
Yarrawarrah Public School Entity
Yasmar Entry
Yasmar estate Entity
Yasmar house Entity
Yate, William Entity
Yates, Sandra Entity
Yates, William Entity
Ye Olde Crusty Cellar Entity
Ye Olde Crusty Wine Cellar, 255 George Street, Sydney December 1942 Media
Ye Sportes atte ye Alberte Cryckette Grounde 1866 Media
Ye Sydney Market on Ye Saturday Evening, 1864 Media
Yearling being led out of a horse-float at Inglis's Yearling Sales, Newmarket Stables, Randwick 20 February 1935 Media
Yeates, Ann Entity
Yee Hing, Thomas Entity
Yelloming Entity
Yellow House Entity
Yellow Rock Entity
Yemmerrawanne Entry
Yemmerrawanne Entity
Yemmerrawanne's gravestone in the churchyard of St John the Baptist church, Eltham, London, UK May 2012 Media