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View of the west side of the Cove c1809 Media
Detail of 'Sydney Cove, Port Jackson 1788' showing the Lieutenant Governor's house under construction with scaffolding (centre) Media
The Lieutenant Governor's House 1802 Media
Custom House, Sydney c1900 Media
Custom House, Sydney c1880 Media
Contraband at Customs House, 11 July 1939 Media
The Custom House, Albert Street, Circular Quay 1869-1875 Media
Custom House and part of Circular Wharf, Sydney NSW, 1845 Media
Custom House and Circular Quay 1845 Media
Ordering a drink at the Marble Bar 20 December 1937 Media
Patron in the Marble Bar looking at painting 'Noon' by Julian Ashton 20 December 1937 Media
The Marble Bar in Adams Hotel, August 1952 Media
The Marble Bar in Adams Hotel, August 1952 Media
Aerial view over Camperdown Cemetery before resumption, July 1946 Media
Horbury Terrace!!! Auction advertisement, January 1845 Media
Horbury Terrace, Macquarie Street 1938 Media
Mort & Co Building, corner of Phillip, Alfred and Young Streets, Circular Quay c1890 Media
Construction of the railway at Circular Quay March 1948 Media
Detail showing Circular Quay from Dove's Plan of Sydney 1880 Media
Mort's Stores, Circular Quay c1870 Media
Corner of Phillip and Bridge Street, the site of the first Government House November 1949 Media
Governor's bathing house, 17 September 1834 Media
North end of the Governor's bathing house, Farm Cove 1924 Media
Detail showing Farm Cove and Bennelong Point from Woolcott & Clarke’s Map of the City of Sydney, with the environs of Balmain and Glebe, Chippendale, Redfern, Paddington & Co 1854 Media
Detail of chart showing the location of the Governor's Bathing House in Farm Cove 1832 Media
South end of the Governor's bathing pool, Farm Cove 1924 Media
Government House and the Governor's bath house on Farm Cove 1854 Media
Detail showing the Governor's Bath House in view of Government House and Fort Macquarie from the Botanical Gardens 1846 Media
Upper Gallery New Wing Australian Museum, Sydney N.S.Wales 1866 Media
George Hedgeland's fieldbook for the alignment survey of Marrickville 1888 Media
West window of Norwich Cathedral in England, completed September 1854, October 2016 Media
Headstone of George Hedgeland, Annie Hedgeland and Edmund Hedgeland at Field of Mars Cemetery February 2014 Media
George Hedgeland c1880 Media
May Gibbs c1925 Media
Eviction at Happy Valley, 24 March 1939 Media
Manuscript map of subdivsion of the village of Ermington c1841 Media
Kent Street, north end c1905 Media
Advertisement in the Sydney Gazette for Underwood's Yard 4 September 1803 Media
Detail showing Macquarie Street from Sheilds' plan of Sydney 1845 Media
Detail showing the area around the mouth of the Tank Stream from panoramic view of Sydney 1829 Media
Detail from Meehan's Plan of Sydney showing developments around Sydney Cove 1807 Media
City of Sydney – Survey Plans, 1833: Section 47 Media
Repairs being undertaken to the St James parsonage on Macquarie Street 1886 Media
Eight Hour Procession along Macquarie Street 15 October 1888 Media
Eight Hour Procession along Macquarie Street 3 October 1887 Media
To be let or sold.... that capital newly-erected stone-built dwelling house and premises, situate the corner of Macquarie Street 7 April 1820 Media
Street signalling equipment: one of the new electromatic traffic signals which has been erected at the intersection of Kent and Market Streets October 1933 Media
Traffic lights at the intersection of Kent and Market Streets flashing the 'Go' signal by colored lights when put into action on 13 October 1933 Media
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Traffic (Mr Bruxner) turning the key to set the new automatic traffic lights at the intersection of Kent and Market Streets in action 13 October 1933 Media
Old St James parsonage on the corner of King and Macquarie Streets c1845 Media