The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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David Jones 'Acousticises' Its Auditorium March 1934 Media
David Jones Auditorium Entity
David Jones c1861 Media
David Jones store Barrack Street Entity
David Jones store Elizabeth Street Entity
David Jones store Market Street Entity
David Jones, Market Street, Sydney 1938 Media
David Lennox, Superintendent of Bridges c1870 Media
David Scott Mitchell c1864 Media
David Scott Mitchell's bookplate in photographic album c1900 Media
David Stewart and his first wife Lillian, 1916 Media
David Stewart c1950 Media
David Stewart House Entity
David Stewart, founder of WEA in Australia, discussing WEA activities with organiser Stan Bollard 1949 Media
David Warner Community Library Entity
David, Cara Entity
David, Tannatt William Edgeworth Entity
Davidenkov, George Entity
Davidson Entity
Davidson Park Entity
Davidson, Frankie Entity
Davidson, Margaret Entity
Davidson, Walter Entity
Davidson, William Entity
Davies Shephard Entity
Davies, Glenn Naunton Entity
Davies, John Joseph Entity
Davies, Luke Entity
Davies, Peter Contributor
Davies, Scott Contributor
Davis Cup 1909 Entity
Davis Gelatine Company Entity
Davis, Alexander Bernard Entity
Davis, Ann (1759-1789) Entity
Davis, Ann (1773-1854) Entity
Davis, Annie Entity
Davis, George Entity
Davis, John Entity
Davis, Judy Entity
Davis, Rose Entity
Davis, Sammy Junior Entity
Davis, Thomas Austen Entity
Davis, William Entity
Davis, William Lovel Entity
Davoren, Stephen Entity
Davy, who lives in a hut on Cronulla Beach, 3 July 1904 Media
Dawe, Charles Entity
Dawe, Clem Entity
Dawes Battery and Fort Macquarie c1840-50 Media
Dawes Battery c1870s Media