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ANZAC Day lunch for returned soldiers, Sydney Town Hall 25 April 1916 Media
ANZAC Memorial (Building) Act 1923 Entity
Anzac Memorial Fund Entity
Anzac Parade Obelisk Entity
Anzac Pool of Reflection Entity
Anzac Rifle Range Moorebank Entity
Anzac Village Entity
Anzac War Memorial Hyde Park Entity
Anzac War Memorial Hyde Park Entry
ANZAC War Memorial, Hyde Park, 15 September 1930 Media
APA Building Entity
APEX sponsored British migrants 1960 Media
APIA Club Entity
APIA Club dance at the Trocadero March 1958 Media
Apparatus used for deep sea dredging on board the HMS Challenger 1874 Media
Apparatus used on board HMS Challenger in exploring the ocean 1874 Media
Appian Way Entity
Appin Entity
Appin Falls (Cataract River) c1905 Media
Appin massacre Entity
Appin Massacre Entry
Appin Massacre Memorial Entity
Apple Tree Bay Entry
Apple Tree Bay Entity
Apple Tree Bay Creek Entity
Apple Tree Bay, Bobbin Head Media
Aqueduct across the Cooks River, Marrickville 22 April 2012 Media
Arabanoo Entity
Arabanoo Entry
Arago, Jacques Entity
Araucaria bidwillii Entity
Araucaria heterophylla Entity
Arcadia Entity
Arcadia Entry
Arcadia cinema Entity
Arcadia Park Entity
Arcadia Post Office Entity
Arcadia School of Arts hall Entity
Arcadia Vale to Wangi Wangi 2004 Media
Arcadia-Berrilee Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Entity
Arch on the South Head Road erected in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh's visit 1868 Media
Archaeological evidence of Aboriginal life in Sydney Entry
Archaeology of Bathing Entity
Archbishop Gilroy blessing the altars at Christian Brothers, Lewisham 1937 Media
Archbishop Michael Kelly at the St Patrick's Day sports at the Showground 11 March 1938 Media
Archbold, Richard Entity
Archdale, Alexander Entity
Archdeacon FB Boyce, The Bulletin, 29 January 1930 Media
Archdeacon McEncroe c1865 Media
Archer Creek Entity