The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Shaw, Eleanor Georgina Contributor
Shedden, Frederick Contributor
Shelley, Elizabeth Contributor
Shelley, S Contributor
Sheppard, Jasmin Contributor
Sherbrooke, Georgiana Lowe (Viscountess) Contributor
Sherington, Geoffrey Contributor
Shier, Spencer Contributor
Shirazi, Sahar Contributor
Shortland, Thomas George Contributor
Sievers, Wolfgang Contributor
simple_dog Contributor
Simpson, William Butler Contributor
Sinnayah, Samantha Contributor
Sippel, Joanne Contributor
Skehan, Patricia Contributor
Skinner, Graeme Contributor
Slade WJ Contributor
Slade, George Penkivil Contributor
Slater, Joe Contributor
Smith, Bentley Contributor
Smith, Grace Cossington Contributor
Smith, Irene Contributor
Smith, RN Contributor
Smith, Sydney Ure Contributor
Smyth, Arthur Bowes Contributor
Snape, Leonard Contributor
soapngeth Contributor
Solling, Max Contributor
Solomon, Jonathan Contributor
Souter, David Henry Contributor
Stacker, Lorraine Contributor
Star Photo Co Contributor
State Library of New South Wales Contributor
State Library of Queensland Contributor
State Library of South Australia Contributor
State Library of Tasmania Contributor
State Library of Victoria Contributor
State Rail Authority of New South Wales Contributor
State Archives & Records New South Wales Contributor
Steele, Jeremy Contributor
Stevens, Mark Contributor
Stevens, Matthew Contributor
Stewart, Duncan Contributor
Stewart, Rusty Contributor
Stockell, Poppy Contributor
Stopps, Arthur J Contributor
Strauss, Richard Contributor
Streeton, Arthur Contributor
Strong, George Contributor