The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Tronier, August Contributor
Turner, Edward Contributor
Turner, JL Contributor
Turner, T Contributor
Tuttle & Co Contributor
Tuy, Sarithya Contributor
Tyrrell's Ltd Contributor
Underwood & Underwood Publisher Contributor
Ungaro, Tim Contributor
University of Queensland UQ eSpace Contributor
University of Sydney Archives Contributor
Unknown Contributor
Unknown engraver Contributor
Utzon, Jørn Contributor
Uwins, Thomas Contributor
Val Attenbrow & Australian Museum Business Services Contributor
Valentine St Leon, Mark Contributor
Valier, Biron Contributor
Vaniman, Melvin Contributor
Varuna The National Writers House Contributor
Veasey, Beverley Contributor
Vernon, Walter Liberty Contributor
Vesper, Stan Contributor
Vidors, Phillipe de Contributor
Vincent Smith, Keith Contributor
Vincent, Alison Contributor
Von Guerard, Eugene Contributor
W.D. & H.O. Wills Contributor
Wajon, Scott Contributor
Walden, Inara Contributor
Walker, F Contributor
Wall, William S Contributor
Wallace-Crabbe, Virginia Contributor
Ward, Dr Contributor
Wardrop, Catherine Contributor
Warner, Gary Contributor
Warren Fahey Contributor
Warrior, A Contributor
Waterhouse, Richard Contributor
Waterhouse, William (attributed) Contributor
Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit Contributor
Waterson, Duncan Contributor
Watkin & Watkin Contributor
Watkin, JW Contributor
Watling, Thomas Contributor
Watson, David Meredith Seares Contributor
Watt, Julie Contributor
Watts, John Cliffe Contributor
We travel the world Contributor
Webber, John Contributor