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American Indians at Northbridge Public School 1928 Media
Children and swimmers in Northbridge Baths 1938 Media
The Northbridge sign, with part of it in backyard of house in Weetawa Road 1924 Media
Canon Hammond at Liverpool December 1935 Media
St Barnabas' Church, Broadway (photographed for Canon Hammond) August 1937 Media
St Barnabas' church, Parramatta Street, Sydney 1869 Media
The Rev Thomas Smith, incumbent of St Barnabas' church 1869 Media
St Barnabas CE Church, Glebe c1905 Media
The permanent Rainbow Crossing installed by Ashfield Council on the public square in Lackey Street, Summer Hill 26 September 2015 Media
Beside a cafe in Marrickville, another DIY rainbow 14 April 2013 Media
In North Ryde a family chalked a rainbow crossing on their driveway 1 May 2013 Media
The front path of Benledi House in Glebe was chalked with a rainbow 30 April 2013 Media
A chalk rainbow in Bourke Street not far from the site of the original Rainbow Crossing 14 April 2013 Media
After the Rainbow Crossing was removed commemorative rainbow ribbons were tied to nearby barriers, Taylor Square April 2013 Media
The original Rainbow Crossing in Oxford Street at Taylor Square 2013 Media
Eleanor Dark's former studio at Varuna 2010 Media
Eric Dark, Eleanor Dark and son Mick with Hennesy at Varuna c1938 Media
Varuna c2012 Media
Mick Dark in the garden at Varuna 2010 Media
Mick Dark at Varuna 2010 Media
Louise Lightfoot Media
Pitt Street, Sydney 1851 Media
Page from Collins' 'Account of the English Colony' describing the spearing of Phillip at Manly Cove 7 September 1790 Media
Instructions on a packet of Bex powders Media
A packet of Bex powders Media
Study in Scarlet: Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine 1950 Media
'No More Trouble', says Tilly Devine 1952 Media
Matilda Devine 6 December 1943 Media
A street in Paddington, Sydney c1923 Media
Three Sisters, Katoomba c1905 Media
Katoomba and the Three Sisters 1930s Media
Lilianfels Park, Katoomba, for auction sale on the ground at 3 pm, Saturday 9th January '09 Media
Lilianfels Katoomba 13 December 2012 Media
Lilianfels, Katoomba 22 November 1896 Media
Lilianfels, Katoomba 22 November 1896 Media
Medlow Bath - Saturday 30th January 1909 Media
Isabel and Harry Phillips and their daughter Isabel May 1918 Media
Harry Phillips and staff at his printing press, Katoomba c1912 Media
Official opening of the Giant Stairway, Katoomba 1 October 1932 Media
Projecting Platform, Echo Point, Katoomba 1932-1935 Media
Katoomba Scenic Skyway 1963 Media
The Katoomba Colliery Scenic Railway c1935 Media
Jamieson Valley and the Three Sisters, Katoomba 1908 Media
May Kelso & friend, Echo Point c1930 Media
Echo Point Lookout, Katoomba c1910 Media
The Great Weatherboard Falls 1880-1890 (2) Media
The Great Weatherboard Falls 1880-1890 Media
Fall of the Weatherboard c1874-76 Media
John Thomas Bigge 1819 Media
Louisa Anne Meredith seated on stone bench, Tasmania 1858-1863 Media