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Alignment of Sydney Streets Act 1834 Legislation
Alligator Ship
Almorah Ship
Amelia Breillat Ship
An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales Book
An Act to Incorporate and Endow the University of Sydney 1850 Legislation
An Angel in Australia Book
An Teachdaire Gaidhealach Newspaper
Anchises Ship
Animal Kingdom Film
Ann and Hope Ship
Ann Gales Ship
Anna Maria Ship
Anne I Ship
Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 Legislation
ANZAC Memorial (Building) Act 1923 Legislation
Archaeology of Bathing Sculpture
Archibald Liversidge: Imperial Science Under the Southern Cross Book
Archimedes and the Seagle Book
Argo Ship
Armando Diaz Ship
Arrivederci Roma Radio program
Art and Australia Magazine or periodical
Art in Australia Magazine or periodical
Ashlar masonry Carving
Asia Ship
Assessment Book Book
Assigned to His Wife Film
Astrolabe Ship
Atlantic Ship
Atlas I Ship
Atlas II Ship
Atlas III Ship
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney Map
Aunts up the Cross Book
Australasian Chronicle Newspaper
Australasian Photo-review Magazine or periodical
Australasian Sporting Magazine Magazine or periodical
Australia Song
Australia facing the dawn 1901 Monument
Australia the Wide and Free Song
Australia's Amateur Hour Radio program
Australia, Port Jackson 1857 Map
Australia-East coast. Port Jackson 1890 Map
Australian Ship
Australian Bird Waltz Musical composition
Australian Decorative Arts Book
Australian Encyclopaedia Book
Australian Highway Magazine or periodical
Australian Lepidoptera and their transformations drawn from the life by Harriet and Helena Scott; with descriptions, general and systematics, by AW Scott Book