The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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'The End of the Odyssey - Children handed over to Child Welfare Department' March 1927 Image
'The Gallows' from the Keep Yard / the Scaffold at Darlinghurst, drawn by a Confinee c1890 Image
'The Heroine of Cooks River' from The Police Register, Bell's Life in Sydney, 8 October 1853 Image
'The Hill', Sydney Cricket Ground 1982 Image
'The Hours of the Day in Sydney' September 1879 Image
'The Inundations at Marrickville: Rescuing the Homeless' May 1889 Image
'The Kaffir's Flight', James Ashton's grand feat of horsemanship at Ashton's Circus, 1855 Image
'The Old Commodore' Billy Blue c1830 Image
'The pleasures of Sydney', Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 1830 Image
'The Poor Soldier' by John O'Keeffe and William Shield 1798 Image
'The Spirit of Youth' plaster panel designed by Vic Cowdroy for the 1924 Artists' Ball at Sydney Town Hall Image
'There's a chiel among ye takin' notes' 1872 Image
'Vote No Mum, they'll take Dad next' 1916 Image
'Wanted a Governess', in England 1850-54 Image
'Wanted, a Governess' in Australia 1850-54 Image
'We Cherish the Rosary' tableau, St Patrick's Day pageant at Sydney Showground 17 March 1937 Image
'Welcome Home' for returning World War I soldier, Lewisham July 1919 Image
'What is the green belt for if it's not going to be released?' 1959 Image
'Youth Tells Why He Masquerades As Girl', Adelaide 'Truth', 27 June 1942 Image
(View of the) North Shore, Sydney Harbour 1854 Image
1 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag 2009 Image
12 O'Connell Street, the cottage at the centre of the Travellers Rest group, Parramatta 2015 Image
14 Ginahgulla Road, Bellevue Hill 1936 Image
14 O'Connell Street, one of the Travellers Rest group of buildings, Parramatta 2015 Image
150 Years of Progress poster 1938 Image
177-191 Oxford Street, late 1920s Image
18 footer racing, Sydney Harbour 1974 Image
18 footers racing Sydney Harbour 1921 Image
18 footers racing Sydney Harbour 1921 Image
18 footers, Sydney Harbour 1930s Image
18 footers, Sydney Harbour February 2010 Image
18 footers, Sydney Harbour February 2010 Image
1920s depiction of the murder of Joseph Luker in 1804 Image
195-197 George Street West, 15 November 1918 Image
1952 Miss Pacific finalists Mary Clifton Smith, Pamela Jansen and Judy Worrad, stand in front of surf boards on Bondi Beach Image
1960s logo of the Q Theatre Group Lunch Hour Theatre, AMP Building, Circular Quay Image
1st Battalion officers Captain George Mcguire, Major Swannell and Lieutenant Shout at their camp outside Cairo, March 1915 Image
1st Juvenile (in the extreme of female fashion) to avoid being put on the Vernon , 1867 Image
2-6-2T locomotive No 2612 heads the NSW School Railway Clubs Association special train at Royal National Park station 15 October 1960 Image
2-8 Smith Street, Surry Hills 1900 Image
2011 Anzac Day Greece and Crete poster Image
227-267 Pitt Street, Sydney c1875 Image
248 Francis-street, Glebe 1900 Image
259-263 Pitt Street 1848 Price and Favenc (formerly Joseph Farmer's store) and Pite & Preston Image
2UW transmission room Image
32 Harrington Street, the Rocks c1989 Image
34 Lower Campbell Street, Surry Hills 1900 Image
426-428 George Street; Royal Hotel, Dymocks c1910 Image
500 guinea Boonooke Stud Merino ram, Sydney Showground c1930s Image
6 foot pipeline built as part of the network to ensure supply of water to Sydney c1888 Image