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'High Tide East Coast' stained glass work by Cedar Prest at Sydney Airport Image
'Hilton', Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst c1879-1882 Image
'I exports natives and imports exotics from Botany Bay' 1810s Image
'I'll Chop her in Halves!' Man's Threat to Slash Woman 1937 Image
'In case of consumption' - public health education poster about tuberculosis at the Bourke Street baby clinic 1914 Image
'Lesbian Brides' marching group, Mardi Gras 1994 Image
'Lest We Forget' stencil - Remembrance in Marrickville, 2010 Image
'Lost, Sweetheart?' 1940s Image
'Mackenzie's Point Stingray' Sydney Aboriginal Rock Engraving Series 2007 Image
'Natives crouching emus' c1845 Image
'New Guard Officer 'Opens' Bridge With Sword, And Is Arrested' 20 March 1932 Image
'No More Trouble', says Tilly Devine 1952 Image
'No, darling, this is not Mr Hilton. Captain Cook also discovered Australia' 1960 Image
'Oh! my goodness gracious, I'll be off.' 'Hold on Poll my girl, all right' c1860 Image
'One of the NSW Aborigines befriended by Governor Macquarie' c1810-1821 Image
'Outside, Sir! Outside' cartoon from London Punch, 2 June 1888 Image
'Pioneer's Memorial' garden and ornamental pool created in honour of the women doctors who founded the Rachel Forster Hospital, Redfern c 1956 Image
'Please do not spit' sign above ferry passengers 1906 Image
'Pom Power' preserved in concrete, St Peters 2007 Image
'Portrait of Captain Matthew Flinders, RN, 1774-1814' Mauritius 1806-7 Image
'Qualified and useful - qualified and useful - qualified and useful - unqualified and useless; careful here! He must be white.' Image
'Reclaim the Streets', King Street, Newtown 1999 Image
'Rookwood Cemetery Departs From Mortuary Platform', indicator board at Powerhouse Museum 17 April 2015 Image
'Sing sing', prison in the German concentration camp at Holsworthy c1914 Image
'Some ground having been prepared...', in David Collins' 'An account of the English colony in New South Wales...' 1798-1802 Image
'Sorry. I thought it was a dole queue.' Image
'Spy Murder Plot Alleged: Gang of 20 Caught, Says Forde' newspaper clipping March 1942 Image
'State of Fort Phillip...', 13 August 1806 Image
'Stories of the operas: J.C. Williamson Ltd opera season in association with Dame Nellie Melba' program c1915 Image
'Sylvia Ashby, market research specialist' August 1939 Image
'Take me up the harbour', first recorded 1909 Audio
'Thanks Jack' Builders Labourers Federation Protest 1973 Image
'The Captain of the Push', a poem about Larry Foley recited by Clemency Press, from These Walls Have Ears: Infamous 2013 Audio
'The End of the Odyssey - Children handed over to Child Welfare Department' March 1927 Image
'The Heroine of Cooks River' from The Police Register, Bell's Life in Sydney, 8 October 1853 Image
'The Hill', Sydney Cricket Ground 1982 Image
'The Hours of the Day in Sydney' September 1879 Image
'The Inundations at Marrickville: Rescuing the Homeless' May 1889 Image
'The Kaffir's Flight', James Ashton's grand feat of horsemanship at Ashton's Circus, 1855 Image
'The Old Commodore' Billy Blue c1830 Image
'The pleasures of Sydney', Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 1830 Image
'The Poor Soldier' by John O'Keeffe and William Shield 1798 Image
'The Spirit of Youth' plaster panel designed by Vic Cowdroy for the 1924 Artists' Ball at Sydney Town Hall Image
'There's a chiel among ye takin' notes' 1872 Image
'Vote No Mum, they'll take Dad next' 1916 Image
'Wanted a Governess', in England 1850-54 Image
'Wanted, a Governess' in Australia 1850-54 Image
'We Cherish the Rosary' tableau, St Patrick's Day pageant at Sydney Showground 17 March 1937 Image
'Welcome Home' for returning World War I soldier, Lewisham July 1919 Image
'What is the green belt for if it's not going to be released?' 1959 Image