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A Fleet of Transports under Convoy c1782 Image
A game of draughts 1933 Image
A Gas Attack, February 1916 Image
A Gentle Hint - Labourer: 'Hi, Miss, I want that stone when you've done with it, please' 1868 Image
A Glimpse of Sydney from Darlinghurst c1886 Image
A government jail gang, Sydney N.S. Wales c1826 Image
A Grand Sanitary Work - Reclamation of Mud Flats at Cooks River, Botany Bay 1888 Image
A Grave and Burning Question - Dr Creed's NSW Cremation Bill 1886 Image
A group of Italian prisoners of war behind the perimeter fence of the main compound at the Liverpool prisoner of war and internment camp November 21, 1945 Image
A Hordern & Sons, Drapery Warehouse and Palace Showrooms 1878 Image
A lane in The Rocks c1915 Image
A likely pool 1886 Image
A map of all those parts of the territory of New South Wales 1792 Image
A map of the County of Cumberland in the Colony of New South Wales 1840-1860 (detail) Image
A map of the hitherto explored country contiguous to Port Jackson: lain down from actual survey 1791 Image
A Mother's Offering to her Children by a Lady, long resident in New South Wales, 1841 Image
A native family of New South Wales sitting down on an English settlers farm c1826 Image
A new chance for the wayward girl 1936 Image
A new Grace Bros regional store at Parramatta October 1939 Image
A new labyrinthodont (Paracyclotosaurus) from the upper Trias of New South Wales Image
A packet of Bex powders Image
A pavement artist in Sydney, 2010 Image
A pedestrian is injured when knocked down by a Kings Cross tram 1930s Image
A peep at Manly 1886 Image
A quiet corner, St Patrick's Day celebrations in Sydney 1886 Image
A Quiet Meeting: or how Ministerial Explanations are listened to in NS Wales 1866 Image
A Railway along Pitt Street - diagram of city railway and connections 1926 Image
A Scene from the Everyday Drama of 'The Streets of Sydney' 1865 Image
A shady nook, Hawkesbury River 1886 Image
A Shark Took Beryl Morrin's Arms 1938 Image
A snake catchers home near Sydney. The home of a man named 'Snaky George' - supposed to be 'snake proof' or 'venom proof' [..]ly speaking, in the dense bush near Little Bay (Leper) Hospital coast south of South Head. 1892 Image
A Southerly Buster 1878 Image
A stall at the Homeopathic Hospital fete 1930s Image
A steeple chase at Newtown near Sydney 1854 Image
A street in Paddington, Sydney c1923 Image
A true copy, sealed by Thomas Campbell, of Macquarie's commission appointing him Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief over the Territory of New South Wales 8 May 1809 Image
A typical day at a Sydney Day Nursery - playing on the merry-go-round, October 1939 Image
A view in Parramatta N S Wales looking East 1825-1828 Image
A view of part of Parramatta Port Jackson c1809 Image
A view of Sydney N.S.Wales on entering the Heads the distance of Seven Miles 1809 Image
A view of the Governor's house at Rose Hill in the township of Parramatta c1798 Image
A western view of Sydney Cove 1798 Image
A western view of Toongabbe 1798 Image
Abbotsford Baths Postcard c1920 Image
Aberdare racing on Sydney Harbour, 1949 Image
ABN-AMRO building Aurora Place 2008 Image
ABN-AMRO building Aurora Place 2009 Image
Aboriginal archaeological sites recorded in the Sydney region up to 2001 Image
Aboriginal camp, Endeavour Street, Sans Souci. Jim Brown, Joe Brown, Joey, Biddy Giles and Jimmy Lowndes c1880 Image
Aboriginal Day of Mourning, 26 January 1938 Image