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Corona and Hygeia Randwick

Pair of semi-detached mansions designed in the late Victoria style located on Avoca Street, Randwick. The site of Corona and Hygeia is part of an original land grant purchased in 1853 by Judge Thomas Callaghan. His widow, Elizabeth and daughter Mary Milford Auber Jones, built the two large attached houses. From 1894-97 only one of the houses was occupied and in 1895-98 it was used as a house and post office. In 1925 Hygeia was listed as flats and in November 1984 the property was sold at auction. A Permanent Conservation Order was made over the property on 22 January 1988 and it was transferred to the State Heritage Register in 1999. The building is currently a boutique hotel.

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1893 - 1894
Randwick Lodge
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1853 - 28 Nov 1863
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28 Nov 1863 - 10 Aug 1915