Dictionary of Sydney

The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

Bank of England Archive


The Bank of England’s Archive contains over 80,000 ledgers, files and individual records relating to all aspects of the history of the Bank and its work, dating from its foundation in 1694 to the present. The Archive supports the work of the Bank today, and provides facilities for researchers from all over the world.

The Bank's records are of prime importance to economic historians, but its holdings are of interest to social, local, and business historians, architectural specialists, biographers and genealogists.

In addition to long series of customer account and stock ledgers, the Bank's records include branch records, architectural plans and drawings, staff records, diaries and papers of members of staff, records from the Bank's solicitors which include case files on forgery and prisoners' correspondence, and modern files detailing changing policies, its day-to-day work and relationships with other central banks and governments.