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Forest Glen

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Forest Glen

Forest Glen, in the shire of Hornsby, lies between Maroota and Glenorie on the Old Northern Road, and was formerly known as Five Mile Forest. It was probably named for its location in the huge forests of Dural, which stretched south of Forest Glen.

The original inhabitants of the area were people from the Dharug language group.

The area was pioneered by Francis Nicolson, who held 50 acres (20 hectares) of land in the 1890s. He cultivated 18 acres (7.3 hectares), mostly with lemon and mandarin trees. In 1953, a weatherboard classroom was built on a portion of the Nicolson property that was resumed specifically for that purpose.

In 1987, when the school was struggling because of falling numbers of pupils, it was struck by lightning and irreparably damaged, and so was closed.

A few farms are all that remain in the suburb.