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2SER Supporter Drive

Support 2SER's annual fundraising event and let them know you care! Support 2SER's annual fundraising event and let them know you care!
You may have noticed that the Dictionary hasn't been on the radio lately, and that's because 2SER are running their annual supporter drive. We love our segments on 2SER Breakfast each week with Nic Healey, and now they need to know how much we appreciate them. Like the Dictionary, 2SER relies on grants, donations and their supporters. 2SER (which stands for Sydney Educational Radio) had its origins in the burgeoning community broadcasting movement of the early 1970’s when it was proposed that an educational radio station be established based on a consortium of Sydney universities. 2SER made its broadcasting debut on October 1, 1979, with the support of many hundreds of groups and individuals.
Today, 2SER operates as a company limited by guarantee and is jointly owned by Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney. Both institutions contribute an annual grant to 2SER, however the station is largely self-supporting, relying upon revenue raised through programming, sponsorship, fund-raising events and listener subscriptions. 2SER holds a community broadcasting license with a special interest defined as educational broadcasting. Through its programs, and the making of programs, 2SER aims to stimulate learning and educate its listeners and is committed to social change, access and diversity. You can read more about their history on their website here. There are a range of incentives for different levels of support as well as the knowledge that you're supporting a fabulous community resource. Click through to their website to find out more and support community radio: And while you're waiting for normal broadcasting to resume, catch up with anything you missed or reminisce via the podcasts and the Dictionary blog here.
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