The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Charles E Wakeford Contributor
Grimes, Stan (Frederick Stanley) Contributor
Holley, Rose Contributor
Smith, Robin Contributor
Rosen, Sue Contributor
Horwitz Publications Contributor
Artefact Heritage Services Contributor
Barbera, Sophie Contributor
Wyndham, Darrienne Contributor
Health Infrastructure Contributor
Wyncliffe Contributor
Partiu, Casal Contributor
Lee, Daniel Contributor
Johnstone, O'Shannessy & Company Ltd Contributor
John Degotardi Jnr Contributor
Wilkins, Erin Contributor
Seymour, Jasmine Contributor
Wright, Rhiannon Contributor
Beau Giles Contributor
Thomas, Rob Contributor
Mathews, Robert Hamilton Contributor
Anders, Simon (Images for Business) Contributor
Donaldson, Robert Contributor
Hawkesbury Library Service Contributor
Power, Robert Contributor
Norton, Charles Contributor
McGarvie, John Contributor
British Library Contributor
Brambila, Fernando Contributor
Humphreys, Stuart Contributor
Simon_sees Contributor
O'Shea, Kel Contributor
Whitnall, Avryl Contributor
Wallis, James Contributor
Chau Chak Wing Museum, University of Sydney Contributor
James, David Contributor
Purtell, Jean Contributor
Hawkesbury Regional Museum Contributor
Hawkins, Ralph Contributor
Kemp. Michael Contributor
Arago, Jacques Etienne Victoire Contributor
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Contributor
Guy, John Arthur Contributor
Woore, Thomas Contributor
Campbell, Henry I Contributor
Pohjanpalo, Jorma Contributor
Martyr, J J Contributor
Advance Australia Fair Entity
Five Bells Entity
Friday on My Mind Entity