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St Barnabas's Anglican church Broadway

Inner-city church built in the mid-nineteenth century to minister to a slum area. Burnt down in 2006, it re-opened in a new building on the same site in June 2012. Famous for its duelling signboards across Broadway.

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1858 - 1859
10 May 2006
2011 - 2012
St Barney's
Parson Smith's barn
1857 - 1873
1857 - 1873
1901 - 1927
1918 - 1943
1949 - 1957
1983 - 2000
2006 - 2012

Hammond, Robert Brodribb Stewart


One of the best-known clergymen in Sydney during the first half of the twentieth century, RBS Hammond was a passionate advocate of temperance and 'practical Christianity'. His philanthropic endeavours, involving housing, feeding and finding employment for the poor, survived him in the suburb of Hammondville, and the institution of HammondCare.

St Barnabas' Anglican Church Broadway

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St Barnabas' Anglican Church on Broadway, known to many as Barney's, has a long tradition of ministry to the diverse communities of the inner city. The congregation was boosted by the arrival of Reverend RBS Hammond in 1918 and his energetic ministry to disadvantaged people and in the cause of temperance. St Barnabas' also became important to students attending Sydney University and the University of Technology. In the 1990s the publican of the Broadway Hotel began a notice-board repartee with Reverend Robert Forsyth that became famous. St Barnabas' burned down in 2006 but was rebuilt and reopened in 2012.