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Lindsay, Jack

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Lindsay, Jack

The writer Jack Lindsay is arguably one of Australia's least known cultural intellectuals. The eldest son of Norman Lindsay and his first wife Katie Parkinson, Jack was born in 1900 in Melbourne, but raised and educated in Brisbane.

Lindsay moved to Sydney in 1921 and was reunited with his father at Springwood. After his parents' marriage dissolved, he became actively involved in the bohemian world of the 1920s, and wrote at length on the subject in The Roaring Twenties, published in 1960, his second of three volumes of autobiography.

In 1926 he moved to England and never returned to Australia. The author of approximately 170 books on a diverse range of subjects, Lindsay is best remembered as an art historian. Although he occasionally discussed the work of his father in letters, he never wrote at length about Lindsay senior's work – Jack had a stormy relationship with his father, especially after becoming a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Lindsay was married three times and had two children from his marriage to Meta Waterdrinker. He died in Cambridge in 1990 at the age of 89.


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