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Shaftesbury Inebriate Institution

The only state run institution for alcohol and drug offenders of its time, the Shaftesbury Inebriate Institution at Vaucluse was established in 1915. Initially catering for men only, in 1916 a ward for women was opened. Patients could also be admitted voluntarily, for a fee. Most of the patients were relocated in 1927 and the Institution formally closed in 1929.

1915 - 1929

Shaftesbury Reformatory

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In 1880, the Shaftesbury Reformatory for Girls opened in a converted old hotel building on New South Head Road, Vaucluse. Several other institutions including the Shaftesbury Institute for Destitute Inebriates and the Shaftesbury Home for Mothers and Babies took the reformatory's place over the following decades, until the buildings were demolished in 1930 and the land sold.