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Shaw, Archibald John

Catholic priest, inventor and radio pioneer who experimented with wireless telegraphy at Ascot house. In 1910 he began to design and manufacture receivers and transmitters, building a 240-foot tower in his backyard that could transmit messages at over 3,200 kilometres. He had a flair for invention which led him to produce a prototype electric car, Morse code and telephone sets and design a remote-controlled submarine. In 1914, his Shaw Wireless Company was investigated by the Order of the Sacred Heart in 1914 and it was found he misappropriated 10,000 pounds of mission funds. Shaw sold his patents and works to the Commonwealth Government in 1916 for 55,000 pounds, though he then died suddenly and there was controversy when his cash could not be traced which resulted in a royal commission on defence administration.

Adelong, New South Wales
16 Dec 1872
Melbourne, Victoria
26 Aug 1916
1894 - 26 Aug 1916
1907 - 1916
Owner of
1912 - 1916