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Ascot Randwick

Two-storey late Victorian mansion in Randwick which was built by Philip Nicolle who lived there with his family. The house was then occupied by William Thow and then Archibald Shaw. Shaw experimented with wireless transmissions and built a large factory at the rear of the mansion, which has since been demolished. 'Archina' on Avoca Street also formed part of the site and in 1917 it was acquired by the Commonwealth Government for use by the Royal Australian Navy. From 1924, the Royal Australian Air Force set up an experimental station on the land. Ascot was used as a design office and residence for Lawrence Wackett and Archina housed the engineers. In 1932, it was converted to accommodation for Army officers and their families.

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1884 - 01 Aug 1903
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1898 - 1907
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