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Randwick Heritage Plaques

1n 1988, Randwick City Council recognised buildings and sites of historical significance throughout the municipality with commemorative plaques.

Forty-seven sites were chosen from an initial list of over fifty. As part of the research, contact was made with past and present owners of most of the properties.

A guidebook, The Bicentennial Commemorative Plaques of Randwick Municipality , published in 1990, provides more information about each site.

The heritage sites chosen are listed here. Some are precincts commemorating several buildings or sites:

1. Administration Building, 50 Todman Avenue, Kensington

2. Carthona, 85 Todman Avenue, Kensington

3. Sacred Heart Monastery, 1 Roma Avenue, Kensington

4. Swan Isle, 87 Darley Road, Randwick

5. Randwick Tramway Workshops, King Street, Randwick

6. Aston Lodge, Corner Stanley and Avoca Streets, Randwick

7. Gordon Terrace, 2–26 Gordon Street, Randwick

8. St Jude’s Church Precinct, Avoca Street, Randwick

9. Randwick Presbyterian Church, Alison Road, Randwick

10. St Jude’s Fountain, Alison Road, Randwick

11. Blenheim House, 17 Blenheim Street, Randwick

12. Newmarket Precinct, Young Street, Randwick

13. Struggletown Precinct, 15 Jane Street, Randwick

14. Ritz Theatre, 43 Paul’s Street, Randwick

15. Glen Mervyn, Coogee Bay Road, Coogee (Randwick?)

16. High Cross Precinct, bounded by Avoca Street, Belmore Road and Cuthill Street, Randwick

17. Sandgate, 128 Belmore Road, Randwick

18. Ventnor, Avoca Street, Randwick

20. Rathven, 43 St Mark’s Road, Randwick

21. Ascot, 4 Dutruc Street, Randwick

22. Archina, 49 Avoca Street, Randwick

23. Home of Franklyn and Mabel Barrett, 6 Barrett Place, Randwick

24. Hooper Cottage, 17 Fig Tree Avenue, Randwick

25. Bishops Court, Moira Crescent, Randwick

26. Clovelly Tram Terminus, Clovelly Beach

27. Oceanview, 127 Arden Street, Coogee

28. Stones Milk Bar, Dolphin Street, Coogee

29. Site of Coogee Palace Aquarium, Dolphin Street, Coogee

30. Coogee Tram Terminus, Dolphin Street, Coogee

31. Site of Surf Rescue, Coogee Beach

32. Site of Coogee Pier and Shark Net, Coogee Beach

34. Site of Surf rescue, Maroubra

35. Maroubra Bay Tram Terminus, Marine Parade, Maroubra

36. Site of 2EU, Everett Street, Maroubra

37. Dudley's Emporium, Cnr. Anzac Parade and Maroubra Road, Maroubra

38. Site of Maroubra Speedway, Coral Sea Park

39. 6 Amiens Crescent, Matraville

42. Malabar Police Station, Anzac Parade, Malabar

43. Site of Chinese Market Gardens and Star Drive-In, Matraville

44. Pioneer Park, Botany Cemetery

46. La Perouse Tram Terminus, The Loop, Snake Pit

47. Site of Minmi Shipwreck, Cape Banks